About me

I'm a conceptual creative and copywriter. What does this mean? I can create the strategy to spark the idea, come up with the idea, rationalise the idea to your boss (or if you're the boss, I mean you), then communicate the idea simply, clearly and in a way that the right people will get it and act on it.

What can I offer that’s different?

You may think that sounds ok, but you've heard it all before. Ooh, tough crowd. But, don't worry, I've got this. So without much further ado, here's what sets me apart from all those other copywriters you've been looking at...

 I take time to get you

I ask questions. Research everything. Challenge points. Appear quite difficult. But that’s the attitude that leads to successful ideas and copy. You see I make sure I really understand the brand, not just a bit, but as well as you do. In the end, possibly even more. Because to communicate what your brand is about clearly, simply and distinctively, takes a lot of difficult questions.

I use the right voice

I can create and mimic many different tones of voice: from a Generation Z clothing brand on SnapChat to a marketing manager wowing their EMEA boss with a pitch, via Asda Mums, music lovers, mortgage specialists and a cancer charity. Getting a brand’s tone spot on takes the right balance of its personality traits, audience’s style of language and the attitude or expertise of the culture it wants to resonate with, such as boutique coffee, hardcore gaming or corporate banking.

I think strategically

What is said is, of course, just as important as how it’s said. Great copy needs a solid strategic thought at its heart. After all, copy is ultimately about making a sale, not simply being creative. In my 17-year career, I’ve worked alongside many agency strategists, so now strategic thinking is second nature to me. Identifying a solid creative strategy that meets the objectives of the business is always my starting point for writing any piece of copy, just as it is for thinking of the ideas.

I find what’s unique

Some people say ‘everything’s been done before’ so nothing’s original. I don’t believe that. To me, there’s always an angle that hasn’t yet been discovered, and the fun is in finding it. No two brands are the same when you look hard enough, all round, inside, up and under. It’s what excites me about my job as a creative, and it’s how I can come up with fresh ideas, as well as give a brand a unique voice.